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Who is Out of Mex?

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Out of Mexico is a division of Santa Fe Spices in the USA and Condimentos Lourdes in Mexico. Together having over 30 years of experience in the international spice trade and specifically Mexican spices and chiles. stock-photo-19222056-traditional-spices-marketWhat sets us apart from our competitors is our unique ?know-how? of the variety of chiles and spices that are grown in Mexico and a deep understanding of the regions where these products are grown. This enables us to offer our clients the highest quality of Mexican gourmet chiles directly from the source and thus ensuring a high level of freshness. All of our unique products have passed and exceed all FDA regulations. They are all free from GMO?s, chemicals and preservatives. With hard work, passion and dedication we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best tasting chiles that they won?t find anywhere else.

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